HMS Industrial Networks AB

The Connected Buildning

Modern buildnings are highly connected and energy efficient. HMS IIoT connectivity solutions enable you to manage your buildnings more effectively reducing energy consuption and OPEXcosts.

Building management is critical to the performance of any business and managing facilities, the same way tier one manufactures manage their lines, is the future. High volume manufactures, including Coca-Cola and Exxon, connect their systems with HMS solutions to ensure production output is at the highest possible level.

The same idea is being applied to class A office space. An HVAC malfunction or a power outage can reduce a small business output significantly, as employees are distracted grappling with non-work related issues. Facilities that can detect failures or predict failure, can save business time and money.  Connecting the equipment found in a building, such as elevators, HVAC, backup power generators and facility management systems, is maybe possible by HMS communications solution.

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